It’s been four years since I played music like this regularly.

Four years seems like a lifetime ago.  Since then, life has been full of ups and downs, career changes, marriage, moves, new passions, interests, dreams, struggles and questions.

I have wanted to start a Blog for such a long time, not only for the benefit of tracking my own life events and progress, but also to keep friends, family, and fans of The Honour Recital updated on my latest pursuits.  My biggest road block has been the feeling that just writing about things I care about seems a bit narcissistic to me and I haven’t seen the worth or value to others.

What got me past that?  The idea that opening up and sharing more than a 140-character tweet could actually bring people closer together.  This blog is going to cover a variety of topics from my adventures and failures to passions, concerns, musings, and interests such as music, tech, politics, books, God, sports, life, and much more.  I hope to connect and laugh with, inspire, challenge, learn from and inform people I love and maybe some people I am yet to know.

Back in our days of Rock n’ Roll, we shared an inspired connection with our fans through music and shared interests.

Today, I hope to create similar connections through engaging and inspiring conversations about interesting topics.

Welcome to the conversation!

6 thoughts on “The Conversation

  1. Yo! We haven’t lived here long but I’ve already heard legend of the Honour Recital. ha! I fill in on bass at GCC, hope our paths will cross there soon!

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