How Big IS the Super Bowl?

This chart pretty much says it all.  In my home-state of Indiana, we are overwhelmed with the NFL and its biggest event of each year, the Super Bowl.  I really don’t know what small, tiny, incremental step needs to be taken for this to go from just a HUGE, colossal event to a National Holiday.  Around here, everyone gathers with friends and family around a large TV with lots of food-from burgers, wings and nachos to steak, salmon and fancy hors d’oeuvres.  Many people take a day off of work the following Monday to recover from all the celebrating (…and all the beer).  Those who still go to work often spend the first hour or two of the morning rehashing the most exciting or controversial plays of the game and settling money from the office pool.  It really is a celebration and a uniting event like no other.  This year we even have two massive celebrities from opposing sides of the political spectrum sitting down for an interview as part of the pregame festivities.  Outside of Indiana the “big game” must be pretty enormous too-last year’s Super Bowl was the most-watched American television event in history!

We watch it for plays like this:

(skip to 4:55)

and this:

skip to 7:53

and a growing number of people who couldn’t care less about football now just watch for commercials like these. (Spoiler alert!)

Personally, I’m a pretty big football fan and try to watch my beloved Chicago Bears whenever they take the field.  I love the fun of the massive gatherings and the real “holiday” atmosphere of the Super Bowl.

But I wonder about a few things, since I apparently live in the part of the world where this game is the most celebrated: Is it like this everywhere else?  If you live in another state or another country, is the NFL’s Super Bowl a must-watch event like it is in Indiana?  Is the chart at the top even accurate?  Are we the most fanatic?  Is your state more over-the-top? If not, is there a different sport or game that is this big where you live?

2 thoughts on “How Big IS the Super Bowl?

  1. that is crazy.

    In nashville…granted we didn’t know a whole lot of people…the super bowl didn’t seem to big as big of a to-do. It wasn’t really talked about in church that sunday a whole lot or anything like that like it is here!

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