Daryl McMullen is the Web Director at Granger Community Church. Today at ReInnovate he taught about some of the philosophy behind, and implementation of, Granger’s media distribution strategy.

Daryl described media as, “Your message, in whatever form it takes.” Here are the bullet points from his talk:

Questions to ask before diving in to your organization’s media strategy:

  • What is your church’s mission statement?
    • values
    • priorities
  • Just because you can, does that mean you should?
  • Will your strategy be sustainable?

Types of media GCC uses:

  • Online campus – live-stream of all four services
  • On-demand weekend service
  • Podcast – people listen while working out, while at work, etc.; PodBean, Hipcast, Blog Talk Radio
  • Audio playlist – list of songs from weekend, provided because worship pastor requested it, has become one of top-viewed pages
  • Images, photo galleries – flickr, SmugMug, etc: creative, unique ways to make pics available, especially for big events like Baptism weekend
  • Blogs – started with leadership team viewing as high priority for those in leadership
    • for team – another avenue to help cast vision and communicate
    • for other church leaders – pass on helpful tips, insight from experience
    • WordPress – great for campus blogs, site blogs, mini-sites (Christmas Productions, etc)
    • different from website bc it’s more frequently updated content
    • WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace, TypePad
  • Social media – 2 methods:
    • create content (tweets, Facebook posts, etc)
    • connect to blog posts
  • WiredChurches.com – hosts conferences, e-commerce (via Shopify), distributes videos, message audio, various resources for churches
  • Pinterest, Instagram – have researched, but not a great fit at this point. (He’ll be posting a summary of Granger’s research on this to his Blog.)
  • Video
    • Live-streaming is our most recent platform; started with leadership team for when out of town; opened to public with online campus
      • options for online campus:
      • LifeChurch – church online (free)
      • Media Social (paid)
    • On-demand
      • Amazon S3 (very inexpensive, great way to get video onto server to stream from other services)
      • Bright Cove
      • Media Suite
      • Vimeo ($60/year for HD)
        • 5GB limit/week
        • one account for video clips
        • one account for full services
      • YouTube
    • places people go:
      • media players
    • feeds people subscribe to:
      • Vimeo
      • YouTube
      • can subscribe to user’s channel and get updated whenever new videos are uploaded

Ways to distribute content:

  1. Create a place people have to visit (website)
  2. Create a feed people can subscribe to (blog) – driven by RSS technology
  3. Apps – haven’t delved into, but are keeping an eye on the potential of apps

What do you think?

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