Surrounded by Wisdom

Yesterday I thought to myself, “I know just what the world needs: More self-pity and whining about petty things like the weather! On the internet!!” So I set about to do something about this problem. Just as I was about to send a tweet complaining about cold weather and questioning my allegiance to Northern Indiana, this showed up at the top of my Twitter feed:

“Are you kidding me?!” is all I could think. Don’t get me wrong—I’d much rather live in a place where going to the beach nine months out of the year is totally acceptable than in one where gray skies and cold weather seem to put people into hibernation for half the year. But in the middle of wondering what I could possibly be doing here I was smacked over the head with the reason I’ll happily stay here as long as God will allow me:

I am completely surrounded by a wealth of wisdom and insight.

If you happened to catch any of my posts from ReInnovate last week, you may have figured out that our church just hosted a conference where hundreds of pastors from around the country came to glean wisdom from the people I get to work with every day! I’ll admit—I often take for granted that every Wednesday I get to sit in an all-staff meeting where our leaders spend time just pouring wisdom into us. But as I sat in the conference, listening to people like Mark Beeson, Kem Meyer, Ted Bryant, Jason Miller, and others, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the place God has allowed me to be. Why do I get to be in the presence of so much wisdom, knowledge and insight?

I don’t know the answer, other than to say that God is so good.

But enough about my good fortune and blessing. This isn’t about me. I absolutely do not deserve this. I say all this to point out that really, anyone reading this can now get up close to some of the wisdom I’m around every day. Even if you’re all the way in sunny California, you no longer have to leave the beach to come to the treasure trove of knowledge we have in Indiana. (See what I did there? Any Californians jealous? Maybe??) Today you can get your own copy of Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder‘s book, Missional Moves.

I know from experience—these guys know what they’re talking about. And they’re not just speaking from some intellectual understanding of the subject of living on mission (though they definitely have that); they live it every day of their lives, leading Granger’s missional movement from downtown South Bend, to Tamil Nadu, India, right back to suburban Granger, Indiana. Last year I shared some of the experience of my trip to India and the work our church is doing there. And now, not only are thousands of people in India being changed by the message of the Gospel thanks to their work, but church leaders from all over the United States are starting to coalesce around these ideas and apply Jack and Rob’s tactics in communities around this country.

These two are definitely on to something huge, and are spearheading a new movement for the Kingdom of God, literally all over the world.

I’m so grateful to be living right where I live, getting to learn from these guys. And not just that, but getting a chance to join them on some of the work they do. It’s an incredible opportunity and experience, and if I ever leave here it won’t be (just) for nicer weather. I have it too good right where I’m at.

What do you think?

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