I’m sitting with you at your first chemotherapy session, and today is our eighth wedding anniversary.

I love you more than I did that day eight years ago. I had known you for more than 10 years, but I barely knew you at all.

I didn’t know how much I would enjoy late-night laugh fests in bed—those times we laugh so hard we cry, and you gasp for air.

I had no idea what an amazing team we would make, taking on life’s challenges big and small: Things like moving six times, buying our first house, selling our first house, paying off our debt, raising our beautiful daughters, and now our newest little speed-bump: cancer.

I didn’t know the depths of your faith, or the fullness of your bravery like I do now. You inspire me, and your example gives me courage and strengthens my faith.

I could have guessed you would be a great mom because of how well you love and care for others, including me. But I never would have guessed how amazing you are at guiding and teaching our girls with your wisdom and grace, and your bright-shining example of love, faith and beauty. Kiersten and Haven are blessed to have you, and I’m blessed to get to do this with you.

And I never could have anticipated you would add a new dimension to your character: cancer survivor. But as we stand at the bottom of this mountain, facing the long climb ahead together, I am confident you will fight and beat this. I am confident in the God you believe and point others to. Your faith increases my own. You are amazing.

As we have encountered challenges and trials and victories throughout the past eight years, we have grown stronger together—in faith, in wisdom, and in love.

Blessed is a cliché these days, but there isn’t a word more appropriate or fitting for my life with you. I am blessed to call you my wife. I am blessed you would choose to do this life with me.

“Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
‘Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.’”
—Proverbs 31:28–29

I admire you, I am grateful for you, I am inspired by you, I am proud of you, my desire is for you. I love you.

Happy Anniversary!


4 thoughts on “Letter to My Bride

  1. Beautifully written Tim! Love that you all are documenting this journey and praising God through this storm! Thank you for allowing us in some small way to walk beside you and support you.

  2. Amazing. You are a true example of what defines a husband, father, or simply a “man”. My family has your family in our prayers. Best wishes through everything brother.

  3. This is truly a very special letter to your wife! We prayed for your wife from the day you were born and every day since. You both have such a beautiful marriage that is centered on God which makes your marriage such a great example to others!

    This letter brought tears to my eyes because you guys are facing some very tough days, yet I know that with Gods help and strength, you will be able to help to get Kim through this! I love you Son and I’m praying for you both constantly!!❤️

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