Today is Kiersten’s last day of Kindergarten.

It is easy to be sad about this season of life—preschool through Kindergarten at the Early Learning Center—coming to an end.

I will miss our “walking dates” as we have done on most nice days since moving into the apartments across the street a little over a year ago. I will miss having music class with her, and how she always wanted to sit on my lap (first year of school) or sit next to me. I will miss her smiling up at me while other children were singing, or the way she would hold onto me when she was feeling tired or frustrated. And I’ll always miss her wanting me to carry her back to her classroom and drop her off (all three years) after music class.

Yep. It’s really easy to be sad about this ending. I am now in tears as I write. It is good to mourn any loss, including the loss of this season of life. We mourn because the experiences and the people were really good. We are losing something we valued.

But it is awesome to see what is beginning.

Kiersten has a bright future ahead. In the last three years, she has gone from recognizing letters and sounds to reading full books at least at a first grade level; from barely counting to 20 to counting past 100. She has learned how to solve problems and helps others resolve conflicts. She builds and creates and sings and draws all the time. She memorizes scripture and writes it down. She recently composed her first song and wrote it down at school. She is incredibly creative and gifted. She writes encouraging notes to teachers, classmates, Jesus, her sister, her mom, or me daily. She uplifts and encourages everyone around her.

She is a loyal, caring, helpful, and encouraging friend. She is my daughter.

I am so proud of her.

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